"TAMIL" Movies

Aagam (2017)

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It is an attempt to tell youngsters to stay in India and contribute to its growth rather than resorting to go abroad.

Nayyapudai (2016)

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Nayyappudai is about a man who joins the army and comes back to the his village after retiring as an officer. He faces an incident that challenges him and changes things forever.

Oopiri (2016)

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A quadriplegic billionaire hires a young man to be his caregiver.

Vaaliba Raja (2016)

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Vaaliba Raja is a romantic comedy laced with family sentiments. Santhanam is playing the role of a psychiatrist in the film.

Zero (1970)

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Strange events start happening to a woman after marriage.

Darling 2 (2016)

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A group of friends head to an estate in Valparai before one of them gets engaged.

Hello Naan Pei Pesuren (2016)

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A thief pockets a mobile phone without realizing that something sinister has made the device its home.

Pugazh (2017)

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Aachi Manorama,

Vetrivel (2016)

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A brother attempts to get his younger brother married to the girl he loves by kidnapping her, but the plan goes so wrong and results in messy situations.

Narathan (2016)

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Vishnu (Nakul) is on his way from Coimbatore for his new job and also to see his Fiance who is his uncle's daughter...

Oyee (2016)

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Oyee is the story of Krishna and Swetha, two people on seemingly different tracks. Swetha yearning for...

Ennul Aayiram (2016)

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Ennul Aayiram is about the journey of a 25-year old and the various problems he encounters.

Manithan (2016)

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The film tells the story of a small time lawyer who fights a case against a top lawyer in court.

24 (2016)

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A scientist invents a time machine, which leads to a bitter battle between his evil twin brother and his son.

Ko 2 (2016)

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Ko 2 revolves around a man who kidnaps the chief minister of the state and the mystery over why he does so.

Pencil (2016)

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Pencil traces the story of a murder that occurs in a school, and the investigation that follows to find the killer.

Unnodu Ka (2016)

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Siva and Abhirami are neighbours and close family friends. Their parents belong to the same village...

The Jungle Book (2016)

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After a threat from the tiger Shere Khan forces him to flee the jungle, a man-cub named Mowgli embarks on a journey of self discovery with the help of panther, Bagheera, and free spirited bear, Baloo.

Marudhu (2016)

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Maruthu is a rustic action entertainer where Vishal plays the role of a labourer. The story revolves around his relationship with his grandmother.

S3 (2017)

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This is the third entry in the Singam series, which chronicles the adventures of policeman Durai Singam.

Wagah (2016)

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Wagah is about a love affair which brews between an Indian army officer and a Pakistani girl from across the border. Wagah, the flashpoint border post between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, has been chosen as the film's title.

Enakku Veru Engum Kilaigal Kidayathu (2016)

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The film is about a 50-year-old vanity van owner, Caravan Krishnan, who goes out of his way to help those in inter-caste relationships sort out their issues, and makes a point against caste and religion-based division.

Kotigobba 2 (2016)

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A real estate agent, disguises as burglar swindles from rich and also hoodwinks the police to believe that his identical twin brother is behind the robbery.

Uriyadi (2016)

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A political thriller set in the late 1990s, revolving around an engineering college in the interiors of Tamil Nadu.